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Based on deep understanding of traditional and IT industries, we dedicate to be the "+" between these two industries, provide comprehensive solutions and bridge the insight, cooperation and implication.
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About WIETOP Research

WIETOP Research positioning
Provide comprehensive solution for IT & traditional industries

WIETOP Research was founded in 2010 in Beijing and established Shanghai office in 2015. We're dedicated to providing combined result of consumer insight and brand strategy. Apart from public reports with China Internet Giants (i.e. BAT), most projects are customized for different clients. As result of high quality customized service, we have formed the long-term partnership with our clients rather than just being an agent.
Brand Manager
Strategic Planner
Opportunity Hunter
Cross Boarder
IT/Mobile Expert
Provide Comprehensive Solution For IT + Traditional Industries
Thinks as a brand/product manager
Provides both strategic perspective and actionable plan
Seek business opportunity from market, product and consumer
Cross industry experience brings in cross board insight
Customized research design, innovative expression
Rich knowledge of IT Esp. mobile category
Multiple-ID enables us being a solution provider

There is no "STAFF" but "STUDENT" in WIETOP. We cultivate talents and meanwhile aim at improving their work-life quality. Many WIETOPers are life observers and artists. They love all the beautiful things in the life. They always show great interest, enthusiasm and even "stubborn perfection" towards each study topic.
Sharp insights comes from 60%-standardized & 40%-customized

We always hold our belief & professionalism during marketing research. We explore,refine and even try to standardize the "secret recipe" of Research. For example, through internal training and founder's public speaking at RUC, "secret recipe" of Qual Research can be revealed & spread.

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Consumer Usage Behavior & Attitude

Understand consumer behavior, explore their attitude, identify consumer insight and needs, portrait consumer, in order to truly understand TA.

Brand/Product Positioning & Opportunity

Based on consumer needs and market landscape, we help clients to find out their TA and build their product differentiation by combining brand/product image and tonality.

Advertising/Creative/Campaign Test

Evaluate and give feedback of ads/creation/campaign, contribute to optimize, improve and evaluate effect after post.

Intergenerational Study

Evaluate and give feedback of ads/creation/campaign, contribute to optimize, improve and evaluate effect after post.

To B Study

Stand in the shoes of client side, try to understand consumer pain-points, match user insight from C with business needs from B, serve as external-brain for clients.

Trend and Prospective Study

With a forward-looking vision, focus on new technology, explore new marketing campaign, keep an eye on cutting-edge business and technological information.

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PLS Model

PLS Model is used dig out TURE consumer needs behind the claimed scores. First we customized an indication system for a specific product/category, then running comparison analysis to measure the needs level of different aspects for a specific product/service.

Based on the indication system, we use "partial least-squares multiplication" to estimate the weight index ε of each "descriptor" and "sub-indicator", at last, we understand TRUE consumer needs instead of ranking numbers

Key Driver Model

Key Driver Model is used to identify the key driving factors of satisfaction level or PI for a specific product/category e.g. what factor drives a map user's satisfaction towards App X.

Firstly use "Feature Selection" to choose and rank possible affecting factors and rule out insignificant factors. Then Apply "Shrinkage Penalty" method based on regression model (including linear regression model & logistic regression model) to compress the regression index. Relatively unimportant index might be compressed to 0, so the "Driving Force" of each factor becomes clear.

Segmentation Model

We jump out of the traditional thinking and method that uses attitude statements scores to cluster group, and delicately choose variables according to different study objectives. Hard condition and soft condition are used according to different variables.

We combine "hard condition" and "soft condition" to realize more effective segmentation, and make the results more readable and more practical.

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  • portfolio

    Studying on Group-Buying

    To understand group-buying users' basic features and lifestyles, analyze their O2O needs of dinning out, movie-going and other leisure activities, and learn their current usage, attitude, and brand selections, in order to provide support to brand promotion.

  • portfolio video work

    Communication Strategy & Product Positioning Study on Lift-riding

    To understand the value and pain point of this category and study the unique point of lift-riding comparing to other transport ways, in order to position lift-riding category and provide separate communication strategy toward car-owner & passenger.

  • portfolio

    Advertising Post-test

    To understand the overall results, the users' comments, and the touch scope of the core information, in order to further improve advertising material and provide support for the next promotion round.

  • portfolio

    White Book of the 90s

    To explore the lifestyle of the 90s, find their values, interpret their motivations, and understand their Internet behaviors, in order to provide insights and suggestions for current Internet products and new product innovation.

  • portfolio

    Satisfaction Survey on Regional Distributors

    To understand how regional advertising agencies work, get feedbacks, in order to provide improving suggestions

  • portfolio

    Fin-tech Study

    To dig up potential users for fin-tech product, understand their financial behavior and needs, get feedbacks about the fin-tech communication, and learn their expectations toward fin-tech.

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Outing in Japan

April 2015

Work hard, play harder; We organize overseas outing once a year. Cherry trees in blossom made outing in Japan memorable.

Team building - Beijing Marathon

September 2015

WIETOPers are also big fans of outdoor sports.

Annual Party

January 2016

Young and fabulous WIETOPers


February 2016

The media is so eager to know what consumers want and need by being on site. Live FGD, fresh take-away.

In-depth Interview

February 2016

Invited as the special guest in Tencent we-media conference, we interviewed so many big names in we-media industry, such as Huang Lei.

Consumer Adoption Model Training

March 2016

Starting from consumers' behavior and attitude, we manage to help our clients to understand them better. During the training, WIETOPers were concentrated, engaged, and learned a lot in this delightful atmosphere.

Outing in Bali Island

September 2016

Breathtaking sunset in Echo Beach of Bali Island.

Reading Club

October 2016

With sharing key findings of <Do not make a fool of normal>, our lecturer use simple terms to help you find typical errors in decision making process and be more rational in the future.

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